Naturo-Medical Health Care, P.C. (Naturo-Medical), Founded in 1992 by Tsai Chung Chao, M.D., a physician and therapist, is a comprehensive multifunctional medical diagnostic and therapeutic private facility combined with modern and conventional alternative medicine practice. Naturo-Medical is divided into three medical diagnostic clinics in Manhattan and Queens, and one Imaging center in Manhattan Chinatown. All offices are within walking distance from key subway and bus routes, making it readily accessible from anywhere in the city. 

In addition to Dr. TSAI C. CHAO, Naturo-Medical has many Board Certified medical specialists from rehabilitation medicine, neurology, orthopedic surgery, pain management, psychology and internal medicine. There are also licensed acupuncturists, most of them are certified herbalists. The therapeutic team includes physical therapist, occupational therapist, body massage therapists and other supporting staff.

Naturo-Medical is capable of providing best treatment for patients with acute or chronic pain, disabling joint contractures, weakness, numbness of arms and legs, dislocation, headache and migraines, and with arthritic and rheumatic pains in back, neck, shoulders, arms or legs, as well as for patients who suffer from bone injuries, automobile accident injuries, injuries at work, accidental injuries, sports injuries and associated pain, stroke or hemiplegia disabilities, and other impairment.

Many staff in Naturo-Medical are able to speak fluent Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, and Shanghai dialects. Their profound knowledge and multi-lingual ability would guarantee the quality of patient management, and, at the same time, provide peace-in-mid service for all patients.

In addition to most major medical insurance, Naturo-Medical also accepts Medicare, and major workers union health plans. Naturo-Medical emphasizes in treating patients who sustain injuries in automobile accidents, at work or in any other accidents, and helping them to recover. It has designated a net work program that to work closely with the attorneys and other medical specialist to assist these patients in every possible way.

The rich experience, the sophisticated testing equipment, and the collective efforts that Naturo-Medical possesses, in coordination with other medical specialists and professional attorneys, have offered all patients reliable service in the process of their medical treatment and physical recovery.

* Naturo-Medical Health Care Is Your Best Choice *